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We created over 1.000.000 Lovely Smiles

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Lovely Smile Teeth Whitening Strips Fron

Professional and Safe Whitening

Save your time and money!

Lovely Smile Teeth Whitening Strips with Enhanced Express Whitening Formula are a great alternative to professional teeth whitening treatments at the dentist, that you can apply easily and anywhere. Now you can whiten your teeth quickly and effectively at home, at work or during workouts.


Reduced Sensitive Formula

GENTLE, YET EFFECTIVE - Lovely Smile Strips are powerful enough to remove stains while being gentle enough even for the sensitive teeth.

  • Use the strips once daily for 60 minutes. You will notice a whiter smile shortly after only 1 application. After 14 days, the final result occurs.

  • With the new NO-SLIP TECHNOLOGY you can drink, talk, shower, or even jog and do other sports activities and the strips will always hold good to the teeth.

  • Lovely Smile Brightly White teeth whitening strips comply with the EU Cosmetic Regulations 1223/2009.

  • ✓ EXPRESS Teeth Whitening at Home - WHITER TEETH IN 30-60 MINUTES - Final Results After 14 Treatments

  • ✓ WHITENS WITHOUT SENSITIVITY - Teeth Whitening Strips are EASY TO USE and COMFORTABLE - Professional Teeth Whitening Level - 100% enamel safe

  • ✓ SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN - UP TO 10 SHADES LIGHTER - Teeth Whitening RESULTS LAST UP TO 12 MONTHS - Teeth Whitening Kit - Express Teeth Bleaching Kit

  • ✓ REVOLUTIONARY NON-SLIP TECH - You Can Drink Water and Talk While Whitening Your Teeth

  • ✓ Dentist Formulated & Recommended - Gentle yet very effective Formula - HYGIENICALLY PACKED - Sealed Foil Package with 28 Whitening Strips - 14 Upper + 14 Lower Teeth Whitening Strips for 14 Treatments - Peppermint Flavor

We create Lovely Smiles

"We believe that a smile only lasts a moment, but the memory of it is eternal. With that in mind we created Lovely Smile Premium Line Teeth Whitening Strips."

Yours Ray of Smile Team

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